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Insurance is crucial to any type of business. It can help to ensure the survival of a company or actually aid in putting it at jeopardy from unforeseen circumstances that necessitate big cash payouts. At Regional Insurance, we’ll make it easy for you by searching our contracted markets for the best plans and premium rates.

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The Regional Insurance Difference

Our focus is on you, our client, and we’ll collaborate with you to learn the unique ins and outs of your wholesale or light manufacturing company so that we can propose a solution that is customized to your needs. With 30+ years’ experience, we know your business environment and we know how to read a financial statement too.

We may even be able to suggest methods or practices that will reduce your risk exposure and may in turn reduce premium rates. Let us help protect your assets so you can get back to what’s important - running your business with peace of mind.

What Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Do you have enough cash on hand to handle a business emergency? Depending on your individual circumstances, an “emergency” can involve a number of different factors. We can offer a wide range of coverage types that may include:

  • Business property insurance, including contents insurance for items and equipment located or stored at your business premises.
    • In the case of leased space, there may be insurance on the property itself, but not on your contents.
  • Liability insurance that will cover you in the case of errors or mistakes made by your employees, equipment failure and in some cases by your suppliers that result in damages.
    • May include general liability (injury to clients or staff on your business premises) and/or  product liability (defective products)
  • Crime insurance will cover losses due to criminal acts, whether internal (i.e. an employee committing fraud or theft) or external (theft or vandalism by outsiders, among others).
  • Business interruption insurance will put cash in your hand to keep your business alive during a crisis period.
  • Automobile or fleet insurance for business vehicles.
  • Accounts receivable insurance (also known as credit insurance) covers you when your clients fail to pay by reason of bankruptcy or even simple refusal. If you deal with export markets that can mean you are at increased risk.

What Insurance Coverage Do My Employees Need?

Your employees can benefit from various packages.

  • Comprehensive benefits packages include a range of benefits like supplementary health insurance, dental and drug coverage, disability benefits and others. These can also be offered in various combinations or separately.
  • Pension plans.
  • Key Person Insurance is life and accident insurance on those key players in your organization, so that if something unforeseen happens to them, you’ll get help to carry on until you can adjust to the operational loss.

We can help you make better decisions as we help you reduce exposure to risk and control premium costs. With our extensive experience, attention to detail and exceptional service, Regional Insurance has earned the trust of business owners and professionals in a wide range of business sectors. We offer personal support throughout the whole process, up to and including help when it comes time to file a claim.

In today’s business environment, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to add to your competitive edge with superior asset protection.

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